Welcome to the PriDE project!

Welcome to the Professionalism in the Digital Environment (PriDE) project, funded by the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC)  as part of the Digital Literacies Programme.

The PriDE project is hosted by the University of Bath and located within the Learning and Teaching Enhancement Office (LTEO), a centrally based, professional service supporting academic teaching and research staff through a wide range of development and enhancement activities.

PriDE’s objectives are to:

  • Establish an institutional vision for the development of digital literacies
  • Embed digital literacies at the core of the institution’s strategic planning process
  • Engage students in the process as change agents
  • Map how disciplinary differences and cultures shape the development of digital literacies
  • Explore how institutional structures and processes enable and/or hinder the embedding of digital literacies
  • Partner with relevant sector organisations to support development and aid wide and effective dissemination


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One Response to Welcome to the PriDE project!

  1. Sarah Turpin says:

    Fantastic to see the digilitpride blog up and running. Looking forward to sharing news, views and ideas!

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