Faculty Learning Communities taking shape

As a starting point for this project, the PriDE team is setting up Faculty Learning Communities to act as ‘creative think tanks’ to investigate digital literacy. There will be three sessions for each Faculty/School between now and the end of term, with the first round taking place in the next couple of weeks.

These Faculty Learning Communities will bring a real breadth of perspective to our explorations of what it means to be ‘digitally literate’ across the University. There has been enthusiastic support from the community and we will see representation from a wide range of stakeholders:

  • undergraduate and postgraduate students
  • academic and research staff
  • faculty librarians
  • programme administrators and placements officers
  • e-learning officers
  • senior managers

By the end of this term we hope to have explored from a subject/discipline perspective:

  • definitions of digital literacy
  • digital literacy attributes for various stakeholders
  • our current provision around digital literacy

Our approach to the intial Faculty Learnind Communities will be developed from JISC’s digital literacy workshop materials and we hope to share both the adapted resources and our findings in the pages of this blog at a later date.

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