Exploring Digital Literacy Attributes

In the first round of our Faculty Learning Communities, one of the things we plan to do is  set out a range of digital literacy attributes from a discipline-specific perspective.  To do this we’ll be working on a model adapted from the Learning literacy development framework from the JISC Digital Literacy Workshop materials.

Developing Digital Literacies framework from JISC

This framework invites users to map out elements of digital access, skills, practices and identity against ICT, information/media and learning/thinking capabilities.

For participants in the Faculty Learning Communities who have just begun to discuss digital literacy, the articulation of specific digital literacy attributes might be too larger task to undertake without first laying some groundwork.  To better prepare us for this debate, we’ll begin with a broader discussion around graduate attributes and professional competencies within the discipline and will consider what it means to be a confident and competent student, researcher, or academic in those fields.

We will be employing a number of resources as background to these conversations.  A document based on the HEA Student Employability Profiles will give a broad graduate profile for departments taking part in the Faculty Learning Communities.  There are also a variety of discipline-specific standards and competencies that could support our discussions:

These broader skills and competence profiles should provide a helpful starting point for discussing generic attributes. This should then better prepare us for exploring specific digital literacy attributes when we look at them in the same subject contexts.

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