Learning in the Disciplines

Last week saw us link up with another JISC project here at the University to deliver a presentation on ‘Perceptions of Digital Literacy in the Disciplines’.  The event was to launch a Learning in the Disciplines HEA/JISC-funded (OER) project.

Explaining the PriDE project FLC structure

The aim of the Learning in the Disciplines project is to create new open education resources that help academic staff to explore learning and teaching in their discipline. There is a focus on exploring discipline-orientated educational development and on taking advantage of multi-disciplinary activities, such as workshops, to support individuals to unpack their disciplinary ways of thinking and practising.

As part of the event the PriDE project team fed back initial findings about disciplinary differences in relation to perceptions of and approaches to digital literacy to the event’s audience of academic staff and educational developers from both the University of Bath and other institutions.  Disciplinary perceptions about digital literacy that were evident from the activities and discussions of the project’s Faculty Learning Communities were presented and discussed during the session.

The event’s participants found the session thought provoking and were interested to learn about the project’s work and its scope within the institution.  The contrast in perceptions between the Faculties, that there might be a concept of ‘digital tribes’, was considered interesting and participants felt that the session helped them appreciate the varying approaches to and concepts of digital literacy found in different disciplines.

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One Response to Learning in the Disciplines

  1. Doug Belshaw says:

    Thanks for sharing this, Vic. Great to see the work you’re doing in the disciplines and the frameworks you’re using to do so!

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