Digital literacy focus group resources released as OERs

We’re delighted to announce that some of the first outputs of the PriDE project, resources to run a series of digital literacy focus groups, have now been made available on the FLC Resources page of the project blog.

The sessions aim to: explore the meaning of digital literacy from a disciplinary angle; define digital literacy attributes for learners within the Faculties; and evaluate current support and development of digital literacies within an institution.

The workshop plans and resources we used to support each of the three sessions have been made available as Open Educational Resources under a Creative Commons licence.  We have also added video introductions to the sessions to give further details of how we facilitated them and insight into our experience of running them.


It’s great to be able to share our experiences and resources with other projects in the JISC Digital Literacies programme and the wider community. We look forwards to hearing how you might have used or adapted these resources for your own context!

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2 Responses to Digital literacy focus group resources released as OERs

  1. Doug Belshaw says:

    Excellent! Really glad you’re releasing resources as OERs. Have you considered adding them to Jorum? (

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