First thoughts

Thank you to Jo for introducing herself and I as part of the PriDE team at the University of Bath!

As Jo has already highlighted, we have begun diving into the wealth of data collected during the Faculty Learning Community workshops here at the University of Bath. The process of becoming familiar with the data and reading around the scope of relevant literature has been incredibly interesting. Above all, it has been exciting to see factors discussed in the literature reveal themselves in the data.

On a personal level, I can relate to the concept of feeling digitally illiterate when entering a new environment. As a current postgraduate student at the University of Bath who completed her undergraduate studies at two other Universities, and in a completely different faculty, the subject of digital literacies became something that I was made aware of firstly when studying at a different University abroad during my undergraduate degree, and then again when I began my time at the University of Bath. To explore what we mean by a digitally literate graduate is an extremely important piece of work to carry out to ensure that graduates may flourish in employment or further study, and indeed continue to develop their digital literacies throughout their life.

We are looking forward to further exploring how Doug Belshaw’s the ‘8 elements’ framework for digital literacies can shed light on our data. As Jo has said, it is early days, but our primary observations look promising. Next week Jo and I will be collaborating again to discuss our findings, stay tuned for our reflections!


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4 Responses to First thoughts

  1. Doug Belshaw says:

    Hi Charlotte, I look forward to finding out if the Eight Elements can help. Happy to help where I can!

  2. Mel B says:

    Looking forward to following your progress over the coming weeks! For those of us not familiar with Belshaw’s Eight Elements, could you suggest a couple of links to further info when you get time? I’d also be interested to hear a bit more about it from your perspective on the project.
    Many thanks

  3. charlottemltucker says:

    Hi Melanie, here is a link to Doug Belshaw’s thesis online. You can find detailed discussion of the 8 elements and how they were constructed here:

  4. charlottemltucker says:

    Doug, I can finally say with confidence, in our last week, that your thesis has been extremely useful and applicable to our data! As a linguist the discussion about traditional literacies was particularly interesting to apply to my understanding of how we might conceptualise Digital Literacies.

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