Some colourful observations

At our meeting on Friday the PriDE team at the University of Bath reviewed the observations and informed assumptions that we had made during the week for our Institution and FLCs. 

Last week, we divided the Faculty Learning Communities between the two of us. We were confident that we had reached a point in the process at which we could both quickly recognise the colour coding system that we had set up for each element and also understand the meaning of each element. This would allow us to not only observe patterns in the data with more ease, but make some informed assumptions about the data in relation to each FLC.

We had each taken 2 FLCs: Jo had Humanities and Social Sciences, and I had Engineering & Design and Management. As Jo has mentioned, we found that some elements of DLs that had revealed similar patterns across the Institution, but others were more specific to each FLC, or even to each skills/practices/attributes level.

Interestingly enough, the two FLCs that were in my care, Engineering & Design and Management, started to show similar patterns in terms of distribution of elements across the skills/practices/attributes levels. These patterns were easy to see due to our colourful pie chart coding system. It will be interesting to find out why this might be in terms of the nature of these two FLCs and whether the fields of employment that they expect their graduates to enter differ on a digital, technological level.

During the next week Jo and I intend to condense the observations and informed assumptions that we made last week into some more concise Institutional and FLC findings and discussions. We have already begun updating our Wiki, so next week already looks promising!

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