What’s occurring?

At our weekly update meeting last week, we discussed some of the patterns and trends emerging from the FLC data.

Belshaw’s Cultural and Cognitive elements can be seen to score highly across the attributes/practices/skills data from all FLCs involved here at the University of Bath. This would suggest that Faculties provide an important sense of context and identity in the digital environment, and that staff and students alike sense that an ability to navigate between tools and digital environments is key to becoming digitally literate.

Other elements such as Civic and Creative start to present differing patterns from faculty to faculty. The nature of our learning relationship and civic participation within the digital environment seems much more challenged in the formal learning environment, and our creative ability to use and immerse ourselves in the digital environment to push boundaries is struggling to flourish and move positively forward through more traditional cultures.

Over the coming week, we will continue to identify these emerging themes and present them in a clear report in the form of key findings. We’ll update you as we go…..

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2 Responses to What’s occurring?

  1. Doug Belshaw says:

    I’d be interested to hear how you get on with the ‘Confident’ and ‘Creative’ side. 🙂

    • lilli7m5 says:

      As an institution these elements occurred less than i was expecting – very little in some cases. Some variation across FLCs – we’ll be able to reveal these a little later..

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