This week, having summarised our final findings and discussions for our FLCs and Institution, we have been given the task of mapping our data onto different competency frameworks.

The process of discovering how exactly we were to do this was a laborious one- we were unsure whether to stick with our original methodology of Belshaw’s 8 elements of digital literacies, or whether to take an entirely new standpoint. At first we attempted to map our data, in the form of Belshaw’s 8 elements, onto the frameworks to see if this was a potential road to go down. After realising that this method could hinder our objective, we returned to considering our raw data.

The framework that I am evaluating is SCONUL’s 7 Pillars of Information Literacy through a Digital Literacy ‘lens’. Unlike Jo’s framework, this framework is set out using a series of 7 columns, or 7 ‘pillars’ of literacy. At this current moment in time, I am directly half way through my mapping- I have so far completed the mapping of our Engineering & Design FLC and our Management FLC. The first was decidedly more difficult to map given that it was my first FLC, and I was unfamiliar with the SCONUL framework. However, on completing the mapping for Management, this became easier and I was even able to summarise my findings using some of the elements of Doug Belshaw’s model!

Although I have not yet completed all of the work, I can say for now that I can already see similarities between how the data from each FLC is mapping out across the framework, and, some further similarities in what statements have not fitted so easily into any of the pillars. If I remember correctly, ENG&DES and MAN were two FLCs that shared some likeness in some areas when we were looking at our data through Belshaw’s 8 element lens in colourful pie chart form- I am intrigued to know if these patterns that are beginning to appear will be the same for Science and Humanities & Social Sciences.

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3 Responses to PriDE & SCONUL

  1. Kate Robinson says:

    Hi Charlotte, very interested to see you’re looking at SCONUL’s 7 Pillars, I’ll be interested to hear more about what you draw from this

  2. charlottemltucker says:

    Thanks Kate! After finishing all of the mapping across all of the FLCs, there are certainly some recommendations that I can make for improving the model, that conveniently, most fit within Doug Belshaw’s 8 element framework!

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