And, it’s good-bye from me…

Wow, what a roller-coaster of a month we’ve had!

From the up-hill challenge of the literature review and absorbing ourselves with the data, to the high-speed adrenaline free-fall application of Doug Belshaw’s fantastic 8 element conceptual model, to the loop-the loop of colour coding, pie-chart building, frequency chart analysis, teasing out institutional and faculty patterns, and then finally to the considered mapping of our pyramid data to SCONUL and VITAE competency frameworks as a grounding moment with our feet well and truly back on firm soil again.

The highlight? It must be the success of applying the 8 Element model to our data for analysis – outcomes of which have already been shared in the research community, and will continue to be, as the results of our analysis are rolled-out over the summer and beyond. The challenges? Well, nothing more than any piece of analysis work – knowing limitations, applying these to our outcomes.

This short-term piece of analysis has been a bit like doing ‘extreme research’. Not being tied to the rigor of pure academic research, we have been able, and at times it has been necessary, to make quick decisions, run with ideas, take ‘what feels’ like the best approach. Obviously there are drawbacks to a lack of grounding in pure research, however the freedoms allowed in this alternative institutional research approach have resulted in some rather creative, insightful and innovative work to be done.

So, its goodbye from me for now. It’s been great working with PriDE on this very exciting project. I wish the team all the very best, and I look forward to keeping in touch with progress as it develops into the Autumn and Winter. Good luck too, to all the other Digital Literacy projects around the UK…it feels great to have been part of this UK-wide movement – thanks for having me, it’s been a blast!

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