About PriDE

The PriDE project, funded by JISC as part of the Digital Literacies Programme, is hosted by the University of Bath.

As the digital society fast evolves and becomes increasingly more complex, it is critical that institutions, in their role as custodians for the development of future academic literacies, understand how they can equip their staff and students with appropriate skills, tools and the language to articulate these literacies to ensure transferability across the full range of different life contexts.

The PriDE project, situated within the research intensive and science and engineering based environment, of the University of Bath, will define and develop discipline-specific digital literacies.

PriDE will deliver:

  • discipline-specific statements for digital literacies skills, competencies and attributes
  • good practice case studies on embedding discipline-specific digital literacies
  • findings from an institutional internal audit of digital literacies
  • guidance on effective organisational change informed by project experience
  • change management tools/staff development resources made available as Open Educational Resources (OERs)
  • institutional processes that support digital literacies as an integral component of the student experience
  • a framework for evaluating the impact of integrating departmental/institutional digital literacies initiatives
  • final project report evidencing the tangible benefits of developing discipline-specific digital literacies


JISC PriDE Project Video from WP and CPD at Bath on Vimeo.

A short video introducing the Professionalism in a Digital Environment (PriDE) project at the University of Bath