Digital Literacy Statements

From the outset, the PriDE project will be interested in exploring what it means to be ‘digitally literate’ within the subject disciplines.

The Faculty Learning Communities discussed this idea in their creative think tank sessions with the aim of articulating a digital literacy definition for each Faculty or School. These digital literacy definitions have been shared with the wider community on this blog as one of the project outputs.

These statements are also joined by a list of Faculty digital literacy attributes for learners. The stakeholders in the Faculty Learning Communities devised and then refined a set of digital literacy competencies for learners based on the JISC Learning Literacies Development Framework.

The digital literacy attributes for each Faculty and School are made available below. Click on the image to download the PDF:

Faculty of Engineering and Design learner digital literacy attributes PDF

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences learner digital literacy attributes PDF

Faculty of Science learner digital literacy attributes PDF

School of Management learner digital literacy attributes PDF

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